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Oct 25, 2012 10:00pm EDT
when we were growing up together in kenya. [ applause ] >> from l.a. to sin city, las vegas, a rally in a community park in a poor neighborhood. katy perry shows up, photos are taken. she performs wearing a dress that is also a ballot marked for obama. she is joined on the stage by her grandmother, a nevada resident for 50 years. ♪ >> then, the president arrives. >> hello, nevada! >> meanwhile, just offstage, senior campaign adviser, david flood tells me the campaign is all too aware of how tight this race is right now. >> the romney campaign is calling this trip on your part an act of desperation. they are saying they are thrilled with the numbers. you guys are acting like you always expected it to be 47-47 with 13, 12 days left. >> we did. america is a closely divided country. we knew we weren't going to get the same 53% of the vote we got in 2008. this is a race we prepared for. here is the great thing. in 13 days, there will be no more bluffing. one of us is right and one of us is wrong about our position in the race. i have a great deal of confidence that 13 days from no
Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. - ta da. what do you see? - your new city council office. - yes. and it is across the courtyard from your office, so we can wave at each other. but it is also pawnee's newest and most exclusive cigar club, tom's smokehouse. - whoa! "smoke dog." - and the tommy haverford member's chair. - now you're talking. man, jamm's gotta be pretty mad at us. - i ain't scared of him. he's a punk. to making things happen. - i'll puff to that. i do not like this. his first television interview since his company stock suffered a terrible fall. the founder of facebook, mark >> democrats like to drink rum and tequila. >> republicans like sam adams beer. >> have you noticed how much is gluten free. tonight the food hype sweeping the nation and why watching football on tv may never be the same. that and more as "rock center" gets underway. >> good evening and welcome to "rock center" tonight. about last night they now estimate 67 million of us watched a very energized mitt romney cruise to a consensus victory over president obama in their first of three debates. this now throws something of a change
Oct 18, 2012 10:00pm PDT
georgia, during a visit to new york city when he was just 13, he saw columbia's campus and that was it. >> i had only one goal. i woke up in the morning, it was columbia. i went to sleep at nigh, it was columbia. i stopped playing sports. >> reporter: you stopped? >> yeah. i knew it was going to take 300% of my effort to get to that school. >> reporter: he got in. what's more, he won a coveted gates millennium scholarship. his mom gloria was so proud. >> he was the light in our family, in our community. he was our hero. >> reporter: you've gone into columbia, your dream school. and you have a full ride basically. that's huge. >> yes. >> reporter: but once the school year began, euphoria turned to anxiety. stefan found himself unprepared for the heavy workload. for the first time, he wasn't getting straight as. >> i thought, this is shocking, i've never gotten a "b" in my life. >> reporter: then sophomore year, his beloved grandmother died and stefan says he hit a wall. one night in the library, she was struggling while studying with a friend. >> i told him. i can't concentrate, i can't
Oct 18, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> i'm in new york city with hilaria baldwin. you and alec just got married. any advice for justin and jessica? >> new photos. and ashton versus charlie sheen, who knocked the other off the top spot paid list? >> here's a hint -- he made $24 last year. >> new video of pink showing off her incredible 54-pound weight loss. how she did it. plus, we're with the hot new bond girls. >> are you ready for a little bond quiz? >> i am so good. >> i want to stop it right now. "extra, extra!" [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution/] >> hey, welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. pink's sexy post-baby body. how she got ripped for shape magazine coming up. >> but first, michelle obama and ann romney are both in new york city, and mrs. romney just got into her own heated tv debate. jerry has it. >> ann romney on a female-friendly media blitz. >> 95% of what i hear from women is help. >> but did this help? her highly anticipated "view" sitdown turning into a morning show showdown. >> i'm not running for office and i don't have to say what i feel
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)